Family Buddhism

Family Buddhism is about parenting and family relationships and how to bring the Buddha’s teachings into these areas of our lives.  Family Buddhism is written, compiled and presented so that we might all be better able to practice Buddhism within the family context.  And that we might be able to support others to bring the Buddha’s teachings into daily life ie being engaged Buddhists.

Engaged Buddhism is about living our lives through the Buddhist principles and precepts.  It is about bringing Buddhism into every aspect of our lives – into our work, our family, our community, our home, our leisure.

Sometimes it is tempting to wish we had the opportunity to be a monk or nun so that we are able to devote our time to the study and practice of the Dharma. Yet, there is no better place to practice the Dharma than in our everyday life – especially in our family life. There is a saying:

The best place to meditate is in the tiger’s mouth.

This means that it is relatively easy to meditate on our comfy meditation cushion in the peace and quiet of the gompa.  This takes very little skill or effort.  But to stay calm and meditate in the midst of the turmoil and stress of life’s challenging moments is not so easy. This is where we can really advance our Buddhist practice. And what is more challenging than family life.

How wonderful!
How wonderful!
All things are
Exactly as they are!
           The Buddha

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